Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

Published 11/25/16

To the Editor:

In “ ‘Is It Safe for Me?’ Foreign Students Consider College in Trump’s U.S.” (news article, Nov. 18), you report concerns about safety among international students applying to colleges and universities in the United States under a Trump administration. The article seems to measure the value of such students exclusively in financial terms, indicating that recruiters from other countries are capitalizing on these student fears.

Notwithstanding past leadership changes and political shifts in the United States, colleges and universities here have, for more than 150 years, been intellectually and culturally enriched by the presence and perspectives of international students, and those students have similarly benefited from their experiences and education.

Mount Holyoke College graduated its first international student in 1841 and, like other colleges and universities, continues to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for students from around the world to live and learn together.

An American liberal education, one that fully integrates global perspectives, is unique and more important than ever in a world where there are such sharp divisions and enduring conflicts.

Sonya Stephens

Acting President
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, Mass.